My Ethos

It's simple, to share just nice photos of the world around us. Hopefully people will like what they see and have the opportunity to request copies on canvas 


This photo was taken whilst out on a country walk in October this year. The perfect autumn day to be celebrated.

Enjoy the world around you, see beautiful images every day.......

Inspired by lockdown, recent events have forced me to consider just how many lovely places and things we have in the UK and across the world. Therefore this website is dedicated to showing places and things I have photographed as I have gone about my daily life. I have also had the opportunity to revisit photos taken from older trips that I feel are worthy of looking at again. Hopefully you will agree with me that all are simply just nice photos to be enjoyed again and again. 



Rainbow appearing over Stonehaven Harbour....

Everyday things that inspire us 

It's amazing how many fantastic views, items, places etc there are to be photographed. If you stop and think, we are all connected by being part of this world and therefore why shouldn't we share the lovely places we have been in order to inspire others to either see for themselves or see them via the photos available. 

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